Seafood City Today

Seafood City is Vancouver’s premiere retail store, offering the widest selection of the freshest seafood from local and international waters. No other seafood purveyor can match the variety we offer.

We take pride in serving the freshest fish and shellfish available. While we specialize in local, in-season seafood, we also stock a large amount of specialty products from around the world. Whether you need a fresh sockeye fillet, a live Atlantic lobster, or a tin of the most exclusive sturgeon caviar, chances are we have it!

Our Story

Once upon a time . . .

Seafood City is born

Being from Japan and knowing a thing or two about fresh seafood, Tak wanted to focus more on the lack of seafood offerings at the local supermarkets and felt he could provide something better. He decided to open Seafood City, a store focused on the freshest seafood available with a unique Asian influence.

In the beginning, Tak, along with his loving wife Meg, opened their first meat & fish store called “Hamaso”. Loosely translated, it stood for “Hamatake’s Store.” They quickly developed a loyal clientele and the store gained a reputation for providing the freshest meat and seafood with a Japanese flair!

Seafood City Granville Island

Things were going well when one day Tak was approached by Granville Island development and asked to open another shop in their new wing of the market. Back then, Granville Island had just been converted from an old industrial site to the very vibrant marketplace it is today. Tak saw the potential and agreed to join as one of the permanent storekeepers for the future of the public market. Once he had set up shop, Tak was able to boost the store’s profile, and build up a brand new customer base.

In the beginning, Seafood City wasn’t called Seafood City. It went by the name of “Hamaso.” Loosely translated, it stood for “Hamatake’s Seafood Store.” Tak, along with his loving wife Meg, quickly built up a loyal clientele. The store quickly gained a reputation among Japanese-Canadians in the city for being the closest thing to a real Japanese seafood store on this side of the Pacific.

Seafood City is born

So Tak decided to try something new. One of the businesses he considered was a seafood retail store. He wasn’t impressed with the seafood offerings at the local seafood outlets, and felt he could provide something better. Being from Japan, he knew a thing or two about fresh seafood. So, Tak embarked on the seafood retail business, with an emphasis on traditional Japanese ways of serving seafood: a focus on absolute quality and freshness.

Move to Granville Island

Things were going well when one day Tak found out about the re-development of Granville Island. Back then, Granville Island was an old industrial site without much of anything on it, very different from the vibrant marketplace it is today. But Tak saw the potential. So he agreed to join in as one of the storekeepers for the future public market. By switching our location to Granville Island, Tak was able to boost the store’s profile, and build up a brand new customer base.

Our Staff

Seafood City is a family-run business, literally and figuratively. Tak and Meg Hamatake started the business in 1985, and today Brian is in charge of running the operations. Seafood City would not be where it is today without the highly personable and knowledgeable staff who are considered to be extended family…


Brian has been managing Seafood City for over 20 years now and carries on the tradition of great seafood and great service started by his mom and dad, Meg and Tak. He is always looking to keep seafood fun and interesting by bringing in fish from all over the world and takes pride in carrying the most varieties of fresh and frozen seafood in Vancouver. His passions include cooking, golfing and of course playing ice hockey!

Favorite Seafood Skate Wings


Krity is the heart of Seafood City and has been with us for close to 30 years. Wow! Her outstanding knife-handling skills and butchery assure that you won’t be waiting long for your fish to get filleted or butterflied. Her flare for
Caribbean/Asian influenced food paired with her knowledge of cooking and seafood, make her the total package!

Favorite Seafood Catfish


Ray, aka “Mr. Happy-go-lucky”, has been with Seafood City for over 10 years now and has “brightened” the store both inside and out. The counter-front service experience with him is like running into a friend you haven’t seen in a long time while the behind-the-scenes equipment/machinery runs smoothly and efficiently thanks to this “jack of all trades”. When he’s not busy “fixing” something or shopping for deals on Craigslist, he’ll be out taking his 2 boys fishing or collecting cans and teaching them the values of recycling.

Favorite Seafood Dungeness Crab


Elsa has been with Seafood City for over 10 years now and has a crucial role in the logistics and finances of the company. Her expertise in organization, cost-effectiveness and productivity have helped make Seafood City who we are. When she’s not busy staring at numbers on her laptop, she’s got her hands full with her 3 beautiful girls.

Favorite Seafood Yellowtail Tuna (Hamachi)


Mary is the longest-serving member of Seafood City and has been with the company for over 30 years now. (She often gets mistaken as Brians mom!) Her unique personality appeals to our customers and makes the experience of buying seafood fun and easy. Asides from her quirky and animated nature, her biggest asset has to be her knowledge of multiple languages including English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Hokkien, and she’s even working on her Japanese!

Favorite Seafood Black Cod (Sablefish)


“Happy” has been with Seafood City for a few years now and is originally from Malaysia. His given name, “Kai Xin” literally translates to “happy” and that is why it’s his preferred nickname. It’s an easy name to remember as whenever you’re talking with him, his smile and positive attitude will leave you feeling…….happy!
He is an avid snowboarder and loves the outdoors!

Favorite Seafood Scallops


Thomas is currently in his last year of high school. He is a big-time sports fanatic and a huge Vancouver Canucks fan. He is currently playing ice hockey for the Vancouver Minor Hockey League in Midget division. His hobbies include cycling and going to the gym. He’s already been accepted to SFU and plans on continuing his studies in Kinesiology.

Favorite Seafood Octopus


Joshua is currently attending high school and is studying to become a chemical engineer. His hobbies include running, fishing but most importantly cycling. He cycles to school, work and even fishing!

Favorite Seafood Spring/King Salmon

Tak & Meg

Takashi is semi-retired and still helps take care of the “behind-the-scenes” work that needs to be done at Seafood City. Even in his 80s, he still enjoys going in to work and making sure everything is running smoothly. In his free time, he’s usually experimenting in the kitchen or out on the golf course.

Favorite Seafood Anago (Japanese Conger Eel)

Megumi is enjoying retired life at home but still a very important part of Seafood City. When she isn’t busy gardening in her back yard, she’ll have her hands full with the grandkids! Megumi might be in her 80s but even after a couple rounds of golf a week, babysitting and teaching Japanese to her 5 grandkids, or even gardening in her backyard all day, she still manages to find time to make delicious Japanese home-cooked meals for everyone at the store!

Favorite Seafood Aji (Japanese Horse Mackerel)